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Desfibrilator c-12RS
Desfibrilator c-12R
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Electrocardiogram and defibrillator monitor in a single portable unit with an in-built carrying handle and storage of paddles.

Solid line curve, indicators and summarized user manual in the high contrast liquid quartz display. Direct access to monitoring functions from the digital keyboard and from the defibrillation paddles.

Monitoring with ECG leads from electrodes or defibrillation paddles. Presentation of heart rate and alarms configurable by the user. Two raster speeds. Control of amplitude, freezing and volume.

Free or synchronized defibrillation from 1 to 360 Joules. 1-2-3 system for emergency defibrillation. Connection of external and internal paddles with automatic energy limit. Internal safety discharge. Defibrillator operation check and measurement of the supplied energy.

ECG recording in thermal paper in real and delayed time, with date, hour, heart rate, lead, amplitude, and paper speed.

Defibrillation reports: Storage and record in paper of up to 20 reports of defibrillator discharges with pre-shock y post-shock ECG printing.

Summary of events: Storage in permanent memory and paper records of up to 50 successive events. It includes the date and hour when the device is turned on, the defibrillator discharges and alarm triggering.

Powered from the AC 110-220V network, internal battery, or 12 V DC. It includes power source and battery loader. Autonomy: 60 discharges of 360 Joules or 6 hours of continuous monitoring.

Dimensions: 370mm x 160mm x 460 mm. Weight <10 Kg according to the different configurations.

Accessories included: AC power cable, 12 V DC power cable, ECG patient cable, external defibrillation paddles, user manual, sensor and extension cable.

Optional accessories: adult, pediatric and neonatal internal defibrillation, pediatric adaptors for external paddles, carrying case and SPO2 “Y” universal sensor.


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The full line of accessories makes the C12 defibrillator a versatile device available for any type of emergency.

Technical service

technical service

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